Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ms. Bloggy Pants

After more than a year of silence, I have resurrected this blog.  Not for any strokes of great brilliance and certainly not for any self-aggrandizement.  My plan was to quietly wile away with my opinions, vague literary references and thoughts of the day.

Life is getting tough again and I need to vent.

And my girls are sick of me arguing my odd ideas at the dinner table not knowing even a third of my references.

Peter Frampton?  Is he on Glee?

Wittgenstein?  A museum in NYC?

Psycho? Are you talking about your family again, Mom?

The references are endless yet their tolerance limited.

So here I go again. 

Thanks for outing me, Dr. C.

And the picture might as well be in Hutchinson, Mr. C.

1 comment:

  1. You are on my favorite blog list, my dear. Muhaahhawwww!!!