Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Quiet of the Snow

I like the quiet of the snow.
The giant white muffler on the engines of life
Falling gently
Making dawn clean and white

I like the slow crackle of fire
Then a shock against the flight
Logs shifting
Embers glowing
Making the room grow with delight

I like the laughter of children
Clothed in bundles beyond site
Playing gaily
Squealing as they put up a fight

There’s music in the silence
Often not listened to in the grind of daily life
Playing silently
Only to be heard when the day is white

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ms. Bloggy Pants

After more than a year of silence, I have resurrected this blog.  Not for any strokes of great brilliance and certainly not for any self-aggrandizement.  My plan was to quietly wile away with my opinions, vague literary references and thoughts of the day.

Life is getting tough again and I need to vent.

And my girls are sick of me arguing my odd ideas at the dinner table not knowing even a third of my references.

Peter Frampton?  Is he on Glee?

Wittgenstein?  A museum in NYC?

Psycho? Are you talking about your family again, Mom?

The references are endless yet their tolerance limited.

So here I go again. 

Thanks for outing me, Dr. C.

And the picture might as well be in Hutchinson, Mr. C.