Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I went to the Trail early this morning for my usual walk, although given time constraints it’s turning into more of a walk-jog-walk-walk-jog- walk.

Rain was in the forecast but it didn’t matter.  The only preparation I needed was to wear my older running shoes.

Because I needed the ablution.

Every religion has one.  In Christianity it’s a baptism.  Judaism has mikvehs.  Islam has its partial ablution in wudu and whole ablution in ghusls.

I cannot profess any particular faith right now.  Forget the Catholic crap I was brought up on but still remember.  

I chose the rain.  And it felt wonderful.

You are probably wondering what my sin is.  If my original sin is trying to love someone for so many years and that person innately incapable of returning the love I need, then so be it.

Bless me father….

The woods are my confessional box and I haven't been on my knees in years.

My penance is my walk-jog-walk-walk-jog then walk.

My “Hail Marys” are listening to the blue jays squawking in the background.  My “Our Fathers”- the rooster crowing on a nearby farm.  My “Act of Contrition”- the pattering of raindrops mixed with my tears on the nearby falls.

I am soaked but clean after my five miles. 

I have a towel in the car to dry off.  I face a new day and a new life.

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